Whispers of Heaven 3-8 - Brannyn and Felice

I actually think it’s a bit of a shame that this will end up publishing so small - there’s some fairly subtle details about Felice that I’m fairly proud of, but that are hard to see without blowing the image up a bit.

May The Forces Be With You

I actually made these about a month ago, but I wanted to hold off on posting them because they were principally designed as Christmas gifts for someone, and I didn't want to spoil the surprise.  Of course, neither one is truly an original idea - both have been done several times over by others, but these are my own take on them.

This is the one that started this for me - see, I got someone I know a "May the Forest Be With You" shirt a couple years back, and they loved it so much that they've worn it out.  I was going to get another copy of the same shirt this year to replace it, but just as I went to buy it, the company that sold the design apparently went up in smoke or something - their site went offline on Thanksgiving and was gone for at least a week.  I wasn't sure they'd ever come back, so since the other iterations of this idea I'd seen weren't to my liking, I decided to just go ahead and make my own instead.  After I finished that design and ordered a shirt with it from Zazzle, I decided to make some tweaks to it - principally changing the phrase to this less common version, and adding the rising Death Star in the background.

This ended up being made for similar reasons to the above - I wanted to give this as a gift (to the same person, actually), but the version I could find online that I liked best was from the same site that had gone away, so I went ahead and designed my own.

Inktober Day 15

Had a couple false starts on this one, but it turned out pretty well, in the end.  I finished it about an hour after midnight, so decided to wait until morning to post.

Whispers of Heaven 2-9 - Fleeing the Camp

It took me MUCH longer to get this done than it should have, but I finally finished it.

There's still 1 more illustration to do for this part of the book, which I've been putting off.  The moment when the Rose family catches their first sight of the Camp of the Darkling Prince, back at the beginning of the section.