Hobgoblin Spearwoman Complete

And that's the last of them!  Tomorrow, I'll have the permanent portfolio item collecting all 6 in the set together up.

Also, happy birthday to me!

Hobgoblin Spearwoman Sketch

Wasn't quite able to get this done for Friday - the legs still needed work when I ran out of steam - so I decided to hold off on posting it until now.

Last of the hobgoblin sketches!  Not sure what I'll be posting next, whether I'll start in on the finished lines for these, or shift focus back to Whispers of Heaven illustrations - I'll be working on both, but not sure which will be done first.

Gnoll Tokens Complete!

I made a final tweak to the pups before posting this - the guys at Mythic Portal felt it wasn't quite clear that the top-most one was jumping on top of the other two when he was so much higher up, so I brought him down and adjusted his shadow some.

I tried out a somewhat different process with this set of tokens than I did with the previous 2.  I wanted to see if it would be more efficient to do each stage of the set collectively, rather than doing each one from start to finish - I've been posting progress on them as I went along.  Unfortunately, there were several external hiccups over the course of my time with these, so it's hard to say which method is better, time-wise.  Regardless of what I do next time around in this respect, I think I'll continue posting in-progress pics.

Next up is going to be a set of kobolds!  With those done, this first pack of tokens will be complete, and they can finally go up for sale!