Whispers of Heaven 3-8 - Brannyn and Felice

I actually think it’s a bit of a shame that this will end up publishing so small - there’s some fairly subtle details about Felice that I’m fairly proud of, but that are hard to see without blowing the image up a bit.

Young Ettin Sketch

I found myself wondering how ettins go about getting their hair cut while I was drawing this series. Even with a second head, it’s not like they can turn and look at the other one very well, nor crane behind to see the back. So I gave them all pretty rough haircuts.

Ettin 2.jpg

Scarred Ettin Sketch

I never think of 2-headed giants when I hear the term “ettin” - instead it makes me think of Stargate’s goa'uld (which, of course, were called that by the Norse-style human cultures in that show precisely because they have “2 heads” - just one is inside the other). Possibly I’ve just watched that show too many times.

Ettin 1.jpg

Not-Kuo-Toa Sword Warrior Sketch

This is the last one. This is actually version 2 - Mythic Portal asked me to boost the size of the buckler a bit. I'd initially drawn it as one of those really small, fist-sized ones. I also tweaked the net one after I posted the first version sketch - you'll be able to see how when I get to the finished lines.

Kuo-Toa Sword Warrior1b.jpg

Whispers of Heaven 3-3 - Kryssa's Scars

The first illustration where the Rose siblings have at last reached their destination of Fallor. Here the sisters are washing away the road dust in the local bathhouse.