May The Forces Be With You

I actually made these about a month ago, but I wanted to hold off on posting them because they were principally designed as Christmas gifts for someone, and I didn't want to spoil the surprise.  Of course, neither one is truly an original idea - both have been done several times over by others, but these are my own take on them.

This is the one that started this for me - see, I got someone I know a "May the Forest Be With You" shirt a couple years back, and they loved it so much that they've worn it out.  I was going to get another copy of the same shirt this year to replace it, but just as I went to buy it, the company that sold the design apparently went up in smoke or something - their site went offline on Thanksgiving and was gone for at least a week.  I wasn't sure they'd ever come back, so since the other iterations of this idea I'd seen weren't to my liking, I decided to just go ahead and make my own instead.  After I finished that design and ordered a shirt with it from Zazzle, I decided to make some tweaks to it - principally changing the phrase to this less common version, and adding the rising Death Star in the background.

This ended up being made for similar reasons to the above - I wanted to give this as a gift (to the same person, actually), but the version I could find online that I liked best was from the same site that had gone away, so I went ahead and designed my own.