Whispers of Heaven 3-3 - Kryssa's Scars

The first illustration where the Rose siblings have at last reached their destination of Fallor. Here the sisters are washing away the road dust in the local bathhouse.

Whispers of Heaven 2-9 - Fleeing the Camp

It took me MUCH longer to get this done than it should have, but I finally finished it.

There's still 1 more illustration to do for this part of the book, which I've been putting off.  The moment when the Rose family catches their first sight of the Camp of the Darkling Prince, back at the beginning of the section.


Although this is the first map I've made explicitly for Whispers of Heaven, it's the third one I've completed, since the regional map, and the one for Fallor, got done as sort of freebies while I was working on those for ShatterStar.  Now that this is done, all that remains for Whispers is the Camp of the Darkling Prince.


Here's the second part of the local map of the elven enclave of Cedralysone, showing the main tower of the city, and the major locations inside that feature in the events of ShatterStar, by Krista Rose.


Still posting maps for Krista Rose's Saga of the Rose, currently for future editions of Whispers of Heaven.

We're jumping slightly out of order here - this is the version of Fallor which will appear in the first volume, but that will print at the start of Part 3.  Part 1, Desperation, and 2, the Camp of the Darkling Prince, are not done yet.  I made this while making the larger version of the same town which is set to print in ShatterStar.

The Maps Just Keep Coming!

Yet another map for Krista Rose's Saga of the Rose.  Yesterday was the last of what I've finished for ShatterStar so far (got part of 1 local map left to complete), but there's still replacements for all those previously published in Whispers of Heaven!

Today is the regional map that will be printed right at the start of the book.  This is similar to the one posted early this week, but does not include Northern Surak, because the Rose siblings don't travel quite so far afield in the first volume.