Here's the second part of the local map of the elven enclave of Cedralysone, showing the main tower of the city, and the major locations inside that feature in the events of ShatterStar, by Krista Rose.

Still Mapping

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been all about the maps lately.  Over the next few days I'll be posting various local and regional maps that will be appearing in forthcoming editions of Whispers of Heaven and ShatterStar, the first two volumes of Krista Rose's Saga of the Rose.

Today is actually just part of the first local map which will appear at the beginning of Part 1 for ShatterStar.  When it's totally finished, there will also be a cross-section of the main city building (which you can see here coming out of the mountain on the right side of the image), depicting major interior features.  That part is not finished yet, but this image of the larger valley where Cedralysone, the elven enclave where much of the book takes place, is done, and I'll be making the two parts as separate images anyway, so I thought I'd go ahead and post this as-is.