Inktober Day 6

I actually finished this a couple hours ago, but I forgot to post it.

The dragon itself got sort of strangely tribal.  I didn't altogether plan on that when I started this one, but I found myself liking it.

Inktober Days 1 & 2

I didn't find out about this until yesterday, so I'm playing a bit of catch-up, but I thought it would be fun to participate.  Here's my drawings for the first 2 days of the month, and I'll try to get up to date over the next couple days if I can fit it in.

For details on what Inktober is.  It's sort of like NaNoWriMo for drawing.

For my part, I thought I'd try to stick to a singular theme for all my efforts, and since I've been wanting to draw more dragons lately, that seemed like a good one.

for October 1st

for October 1st

For October 2nd

For October 2nd

I'm sorta cheating a tiny bit with these - I'm drawing these in Illustrator rather than on paper with traditional ink, or even using a program like Sketchbook or Photoshop that mimics ink.  I am using basically the same "inking" technique that I use on the Mythic Portal tokens.

New Original Art

Been having a busy/rough time of it for the last month or so, and haven't gotten nearly as much art done as I'd like in consequence, but I did do this up a few days ago, and rather like how it turned out.

It is also available for sale in a variety of formats in my stores - notably for the moment is my Society6 shop, which is about to go on sale for the next couple days (an announcement there is forthcoming in the morning).