I recently added TeeChip to the list of storefronts where I sell my work.  I've broken it up into two categories here (I did the same on Teespring), since their site provides that functionality easily without creating separate accounts, one for the majority of my work, both graphic designs (like the Raven Mad and Clever Shirt) and illustrations (Desert Tree, Sun Kissed, etc.):

and one for my explicitly political pieces, which at present is just the Fairey-inspired Shame and Persist designs, but may include more down the line.  I've got an idea for a third one I'm noodling on at the moment.

Desert Tree Redux

I'm cheating just a little bit here - this is not a new piece of art.  I originally drew this way back in 2005.  But today I revisited the digital composite file I have for it and made some improvements - adjusted the levels to boost the contrast, cleaned up a lot of the scan artifacts and errant pencil smudges, and went back over some of the linework.  I did all this because I wanted a version of this image that would be suitable for prints to be made of it, and then I made a version that (hopefully) works on apparel as well.

To that end, this is now available on: