Saga of the Rose

Normally I would not post art quite this rough, but this piece represents a pretty big opportunity for me!  Like some of the other things I've posted here recently, this was a commission I received through Fiverr.  The job itself was pretty simple - just do a rough sketch based on a short excerpt of text, with no further context.  But this was essentially a test job for a much larger project - to do all the interior illustrations for a forthcoming YA novel, Whispers of Heaven, Book 1 of the Saga of the Rose, by Krista Rose.  If this particular scene does get refined, it will go through significant revisions, as I did not yet have access to descriptions of the characters shown in this scene, and very little about their surroundings.

I'm going to be working on this project, to one degree or another, for some time, I expect.  I'm nearly done reading the novel now, and then I'll be going through it for good scenes to draw, and discussing those with the author.  I don't know that I'll post more about it for a while, since it's going to be a bit before anything is more finished than this is - the initial phase of the project calls for more than 2 dozen roughs like this before we pick out the ones that'll actually go to print.