Roll20 Tokens

Another new project!  Last week I was commissioned to create 2 digital tokens, for use with the Roll20 digital tabletop system - which, for anyone that isn't familiar, is a program designed to make it easier to play tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons (and to make playing with a group that are not all together in the same room possible at all) by keeping track of things like character and NPC positions during combat encounters, the rolling of dice to determine outcomes, adding and tracking relevant modifiers to those dice rolls, and so forth.  Of course, to run a combat encounter in software like this, you need the digital equivalent of miniatures - small figurines sort of like chess pieces, usually - to represent all the characters in the encounter, both those controlled by the players and those managed by the gamemaster.  So, people using programs like Roll20 buy sets of tokens with sets of various monsters and other sorts of enemies, to run their games.

So my commission was to create 2 goblin tokens as a test project.  The buyer wants to sell such sets, and will be ordering several more goblins from me soon (as soon as I can deal with a technical problem I encountered on my end as I was finishing these last night - my 2-month-old tablet monitor went kaput on me, and I've got to wait for a replacement to arrive).  But, for now, here's my goblin sorcerer and crossbower tokens.  These are actually larger than the resolution they'll sell at (closer to 200 pixels wide), but still smaller than my working resolution.