So, as has been teased a few times, I've been working on another project for Krista Rose's Saga of the Rose, in addition to the interior narrative illustrations: local and regional maps that are interspersed throughout the series.  For one, I'm making replacements for those maps which appear in the already-published Whispers of Heaven, which will appear in future editions, both the illustrated version I'm still making sketches for, and the non-illustrated edition already on sale.  In addition, I'm also making the similar maps that will appear in the forthcoming second volume in the series, ShatterStar.  I'm going to be releasing those first, since they'll be entering print first, though some of the ones for Whispers of Heaven are also already finished.

So!  Today, we see the regional map that will appear at the very beginning of ShatterStar, depicting the parts of the world where the bulk of the story takes place: