Inktober 2018 Day 31

Last year I drew a portrait of my kids’ Halloween costumes for my last Inktober piece. I might still do that again, but given that this year’s final prompt was “slice” I thought it appropriate to post the pumpkin carving designs I made for them instead. Last year we carved similar sorts of picture-pumpkins for them, but we used the stock designs that came with the grocery-store carving kit we bought. This year I decided to make my own (and get some better carving tools).

My daughter has been a huge fan of horses and unicorns, ponies and pegases for some time now (hence last year’s costume of an alicorn), so the choice to create a unicorn design for her was pretty obvious.

One of my son’s favorite forms of pretend is imagining he has magic powers, and one of his favorite toys is any stick-like object he can use as a wand, so it only took modest consideration to decide to create a wizard design for him.

On the whole, they turned out pretty well, though translation onto irregular curved surfaces introduced some distortions and adjustments, of course. The kids love them, which is the most important thing.