I Have Not Been Idle!

So it's been a while since I posted anything new - partly because the 2 weeks around Christmas and New Years are typically pretty busy for me with family stuff, so I haven't had as much time as I otherwise would to work on art projects.

Nevertheless, I have been doing stuff!  For one, I've started work on the 3rd set of Roll20 tokens for Mythic Portal - a collection of gnolls.  Part of the reason I haven't posted a completed one or two yet is I wanted to try a different process for this set - working on each phase for all 6 at once, rather than doing each from start to finish.  So I've done a bunch of back-end design that isn't really show-able.  I did finish a rough sketch for the first one, which I won't put in a gallery, but thought I'd share here.

In addition, I've embarked on a whole new project for the Saga of the Rose!  The author, Krista Rose, has hired me to remake the various maps for the series.  The project is still in the very early stages, but here's a sneak peak!