Inktober Day 19

I caught a cold today, and drawing at all was a bit of a struggle, what with the sneezing and nose-blowing every couple minutes.  It didn't turn out as well I'd have liked, but I've run out of energy, so I declare it done.

Inktober Day 17

As is probably obvious to most, inspired by a D&D gold dragon.  I've always thought the notion of how their wings function to be nifty, even if I wasn't as much of a fan of the rest of their design.

Inktober Day 15

Had a couple false starts on this one, but it turned out pretty well, in the end.  I finished it about an hour after midnight, so decided to wait until morning to post.

Inktober Day 14

I skipped ahead again.  We had company over yesterday, and the image I had in mind for October 13th is a bit more time consuming, so it's not done yet.  This one could be dashed off relatively quickly, though, so I decided to go ahead and do it first.

Inktober Day 11

I haven't had a chance to go back to yesterday's unfinished piece yet, but I did just finish today's.  I'll spend at least a little bit of time on "Gigantic" now before bed, though I may not get to posting a finished version until tomorrow.

Inktober Day 10

I'm actually not done with this yet, but I looked up at the time, and saw I'd just passed midnight, so decided I'd better stop, post what I have, and get to bed.  Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow, not fall behind, and still be productive in other ways.


Inktober Day 6

I actually finished this a couple hours ago, but I forgot to post it.

The dragon itself got sort of strangely tribal.  I didn't altogether plan on that when I started this one, but I found myself liking it.